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After 4 years in the VIP catering business for private jets and yachts on the French Riviera and Paris, our team has knowledge of this industry to understand its real needs. Having experienced several catering companies, we have been able to compare, analyse and understand what matter most for our VIP clients.

Fair price inflight VIP Catering for yachts and jets on the French Riviera

We are aware and can easily distinguish owner from charters but at the end of the day, quality, freshness of the products and reactivity of the Operations team remain the expected minimal services, but since a couple of years another important matter is uprising... We also feel that fair prices are important, enabling more companies to use catering services.


Since then, MANGO CHARLIE has understood that the price has now became something that cannot be neglected .

Inflight catering and yacht catering in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, Antibes

Having this in mind, we have decided to base our menu with only the most requested items: trays (smocked salmon, delicatessen, cheese, crudités with dips, sliced fruit), canapes, petits fours, salads, juices, hot dishes (beef filet, chicken breast, salmon filet, seabass filet, sides etc.), desserts.

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